"Corporate Culture Handbook" Chinese version


Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Co.Ltd. published "Corporate Culture Handbook" Chinese version in Jan 2015

Enterprise vision我们的愿景

Global cable industry in high-end customers preferred supplier全球线缆行业中高端客户首选供应商

Enterprise mission我们的使命

Providing customers with excellent service, create a better life for our employees, to contribute to social progress为客户提供卓越服务, 为员工创造美好生活, 为社会进步作出贡献

Core values我们的核心价值观

Customer first, people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence客户至上 以人以为 追求卓越

Enterprise spirit我们的企业精神

Pragmatic, inclusive, learning and innovation务实 包容 学习 创新

Development concept发展理念

Not the biggest, just the most special 不求最大 只求最专

Talent Concept人才理念

Everyone is a talent, enterprise is the platform, the customer is the referee人人是人才 企业是平台 客户是裁判

Quality Concept质量理念

Full participation, meticulous, pragmatic, excellence 全员参与 一丝不苟 讲求实效 精益求精

Innovative ideas 创新理念

Change the status quo, beyond the self, continuous innovation改变现状 超越自我 持续创新

Safety Concept安全理念

Compliance law, to ensure safety遵规守法 确保安全

Performance philosophy绩效理念

Scientific, fair, clear and controllable科学 公平 明确 可控

System concept制度理念

Cultural protection, the implementation of strong, advancing with the times文化保障 执行有力 与时俱进

Team concept团队理念

We compete with each other, mutual service, sharing shared彼此竞争 与为服务 共担共享

Cost concept成本理念

Control costs is to create value控制成本就是创造价值

Learning Concept学习理念

The inner drive, perseverance, apply their knowledge内心驱动 持之以恒 学以致用

Communication concept沟通理念

Timely, direct, comprehensive and effective及时 直接 全面 有效

Crisis Concept危机理念

Be prepared to turn adversity into opportunity居安思危 转危为机

Energy saving ideas节能环保理念

Cherish resources, utilization, full environmental protection, continuous improvement珍惜资源 综合利用 全员环保 持续改善

Brand Promise品牌承诺

Sustainable and stable quality assurance, proactive breakthrough innovation, a comprehensive and detailed service experience持续稳定的质量保证, 主动突破的创新意识, 全面细致的服务体验

Customer philosophy客户理念

Create high-quality experience, value of excellence创造优质体验 成就卓越价值

Service philosophy服务理念

The best I could, found subtle, from the point and the surface, there is a final knot尽我所能 见于细微 由点及面 有始有终

Moral philosophy道德理念

Legal compliance, honesty, dedication, courage to act合法合规 诚实守信 乐于奉献 勇于担当

Marketing concept营销理念

Faith-based, market-oriented and experience as the core诚信为基础 市场为导向 体验为核心


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