天杰实业•2017年终总结表彰暨迎春联欢会Spring Festival Gala


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On the afternoon of February 4, 2018, we Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Corp. held Spring Festival Gala at the multi-function hall. More than 400 company employees, family members, customer representatives and guests gathered together to witness and share the brilliant moments.

After the "Good Start," Mr Chen, general manager of Tianjie,addressed the summary speech of business conditions of 2017 and goals of 2018. During the gala, 25 outstanding employees, 2 sales people, 3 excellent cadres and 2 excellent head of production lines were commended.

Jacket worker performed a “model show”, they seemed so confident, calm; braiding worker presented a "fan dance", the posture seemed graceful; art lover in Tianjie danced "Haha Song", they were energetic and passionate; Ms Chen in sales & service department sang "chasing light", sound wonderful and sweet; performer in QA department put Tianjie’s products into an opusculum “blind date”, looked novelty; poetry reading “To Be A Warrior”, “New York is 3 hours ahead of California”, “To Build A Good Tianjie”, thought-provoking, encouraging morale; In the opusculum "Father," the performance of real characters, tear-jerking; "Beijing Opera & Huangmei opera", "Three arts – Chinese zither • calligraphy • Tai Chi", brilliant and wonderful; customer representatives sang "May you be happy and prosperous".

At the gala, we also offered sympathy to the needy employees and sent gifts and condolences to let everyone feel that TianJie is a home fill with love.

The gala came to a close in the song "Tomorrow Will Be Better." General Manager Mr Chen always paid tribute to his staff at the gala dinner.

2018 To be more wonderful.


  • 天杰实业•2017年终总结表彰暨迎春联欢会Spring Festival Gala
  • 天杰实业•2017年终总结表彰暨迎春联欢会Spring Festival Gala
  • 天杰实业•2017年终总结表彰暨迎春联欢会Spring Festival Gala

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