Category Name Type Standard Link to File
Communications Cable CM, CMG, CMP,CMR, CMX UL 444 DUZX.E230635
Communications Cable Certified for Canada  CM, CMG,CMP, CMR, CMX UL 444 DUZX7.E230635
Community Antenna Television Cable CATV, CATVR, CATVX                 UL 1655 DVCS.E230637
Flexible Cord SPT-1, SPT-2, SPT-3  UL 62 ZJCZ.E476654
Flexible Cord Certified for Canada SPT-1, SPT-2, SPT-3  UL 62 ZJCZ7.E476654
Power-limited Circuit Cable CL2, CL2R, CL2X, CL3, CL3R, CL3X UL 13 QPTZ.E230636
Power-limited Fire Alarm Cable FPL, FPLR, FPLP,Power Limited Fire-Alarm Circuit Cable UL 1424 HNIR.E464899
Power-limited Fire Alarm Cable Certified for Canada FAS FT1, FAS FT4, FAS105 FT1, FAS105 FT4, FAS90 FT1, FAS90 FT4 UL 1424 HNIR7.E464899
Underground Low-energy Circuit Cable Underground Low-energy Circuit Cable  UL 1493 ZLIA.E481521
Appliance Wiring Material - Component UL1007 UL1015 UL2464 UL2919 UL 758 AVLV2.E494886
Appliance Wiring Material - Component Appliance wiring material, AWM Class I, Class II, or Class I/II, Group A, B or A/B. UL 758 AVLV8.E494886
Wiring Harnesses - Component Component - Wiring Harnesses  764 – Wiring Harnesses  ZPFW2.E503691
Wiring Harnesses Certified for Canada - Component Component - Wiring Harnesses  764 – Wiring Harnesses  ZPFW8.E503691

We offer UL Multiple Listing

UL's Multiple Listing Service streamlines the process of offering identical private label products under different brand names. With this service, customers can leverage the advantages of UL certification and offer their private label products to a wider audience in both the United States and Canada with no need to recertify.

For example, the below UL No. are got from us through UL Multiple Listing service.

E489608 E482990 E364603 E364604 E346149 E198137 E198134   E494917

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